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So what’s this blog all about?

Why am I doing this?

How do you explain a change of view? For years, I’ve sat on the sidelines, watching some of my contemporaries and many others blogging about their professional interests. Some of them did it well, many of them did it badly. Many of them gave it away, some of them persevered. But I kept reading & watching…

So what’s changed? – the world, the Web, the way we communicate… I never made a secret of the fact that my website was an online brochure, because I felt more comfortable in one-to-one marketing anyway – a discussion allows me to provide context and better understand my clients’ needs, whether it is face-to-face, on the phone, via videoconference or whatever.

But as I explored how analysts were using different social media platforms, I realised that I’d been missing something – “real” conversations are actually happening online, not just information gathering and commercial transactions. And as a communications professional, I need to be part of those conversations. I need to engage, discuss, inform, educate & argue about analyst relations online, just as I do in the “real” world. I need to broaden my reach & engagement, because the global village is getting both bigger and smaller at the same time.

Who is it for?

This blog is about all things related to industry analyst relations (AR). If you don’t care about Gartner, IDC, Forrester and other firms who advise buyers & sellers of information technology, then you won’t find much of interest.

It’s also about Asia/Pacific & Japan (APJ). This region has some unique characteristics, which can change how & why you do AR. But global issues can also apply – my job is to provide context.

So the folks that I expect to read this blog include AR professionals (those in APJ particularly, but elsewhere as well); other marcomm professionals who spend some of their time thinking about analysts; spokespeople who engage with analysts; market intelligence & market research professionals who consume analyst research; and of course, analysts themselves.

What will you see?

Everyone in the AR and analyst community who knows me also knows that I love to talk about any aspect of this business – whether it’s analyst firm business models, which analysts are really influential, how best to engage with analysts across the region, how to build content that captures analyst interest, how to deal with negative analyst commentary – pretty much anything!!

I can’t promise to cover everything I might do in a one-on-one discussion over a beer, but the plan is to traverse the following:

  • Insights & advice on doing AR in APJ
  • Updates & discussions about the APJ analyst landscape & state of play
  • Commentary on “news” events & activities relating to analyst firms
  • Tips & tricks about AR and engaging with analysts
  • Interviews with interesting analysts & AR folks
  • Whatever else you ask me to

When will I update?

I’m an optimist, but I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think I couldn’t do it on a regular basis. I don’t see myself blogging every day. Every week – sure; more often – quite possibly. It will depend on the issues and events in the market, the questions I’m asked, the ideas that emerge, the changes that occur in the market, & probably a few other things as well.

What else?

While I trained and worked as a journalist for several years, I no longer feel like a “natural” writer. Moving back to writing regularly is a challenge, but hopefully it will become easier. So please understand if I struggle to put my thoughts together coherently sometimes – or split the occasional infinitive 🙂

This is a business blog, and AR is what I want to talk about. But I do have a few other interests, which may seep into the discussion from time, just to provide context or corollary, you understand… So don’t be surprised – or offended – if occasionally I mention superhot chillis, backyard gardening, woodworking, 1980s rock music (particularly Australian) and skateboarding. And most of the time, the photos featured in the slider will be mine.

So welcome to IntelligenAR, and thanks for reading this far. I look forward to engaging with you, and answering any questions about AR you might have. Don’t be shy, hit the comment box!!



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