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Understanding the Influencers

Intelligen’s Understanding the Influencers study is the only independent benchmark of the performance of ICT vendor analyst relations programs in the Asia/Pacific region. The study uses both quantitative and qualitative data to define the specific communication needs of the IT analyst community in different parts of the region; to identify best practice analyst relations programs; and to measure the effectiveness of more than 60 vendors and service providers in seven market segments on a range of analyst relations program attributes.

UTI2014 sample

First conducted in 2003, the study draws on the responses from approximately 130 detailed quantitative surveys and 20 in-depth interviews with analysts in 13 countries in the Asia/Pacific region in the final quarter of the year. Respondents include analysts, senior analysts, program directors, research directors, vice presidents and principals employed by approximately 20 different research firms, including leading global players such as Gartner, Forrester, Frost & Sullivan, IDC and Ovum, as well as boutique and country firms.

The results of the research are contained in a series of databooks which provide comprehensive analysis of analyst preferences and vendor performance comparing current year results for Asia/Pacific with previous year, and providing comparison of current year results for ANZ and Asia, as well as South Asia & North Asia. Data is presented in both charts and tables, and delivered as a Powerpoint presentation.

Databooks cover vendors and service providers in the following areas:

  • Powerhouse vendors (major vendors active in multiple segments)
  • IT & cloud services (outsourcing, consulting, cloud, application development etc)
  • Enterprise software (applications, middleware, big data etc)
  • Data centre & cloud infrastructure (servers, storage, infrastructure software, enterprise networking etc)
  • Communications equipment (switches, routers, networking etc)
  • Communications services (telco services)
  • Mobility (smartphones, laptops, mobile apps etc)

The databooks for each technology segment are delivered with:

  • A Cross-Segment Market Analysis report which provides a comprehensive review of the state of play in Asia/Pacific analyst relations, drawing extensively on in-depth qualitative interviews with leading analysts across the region as well as the quantitative survey results. This report details key trends and issues around Asia/Pacific AR; perceptions, attitudes, and preferences regarding engagement between analysts and vendors; why some vendors are considered to deliver best practice AR programs; changing analyst business models; and the business of AR.
  • A Customised Vendor Review & presentation which provides detailed and specific analysis of study results for individual vendors, comparing results against competitors, segments and sub-regions as required, and providing practical advice and recommendations for program improvements. The format of this review is extremely flexible, and can be delivered as a PowerPoint presentation for small or large audiences. Specific data cuts can be conducted to match the needs of individual vendors depending on their program focus eg analysis of Tier 1 analysts, focus on an individual market such as Australia or China.

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