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In today’s competitive IT&T markets, industry analysts have become increasingly important opinion leaders, with influence over end-user technology architecture, strategy, planning and decision-making, as well as helping to shape sales and marketing strategies for vendors and channel players. Intelligen provides a full range of services to IT vendors seeking to have their message heard by this increasingly influential community.

Intelligen maintains strong business relationships with analysts from all of the leading analyst firms operating in Australia and throughout the Asia/Pacific region, as well as smaller boutique firms. We understand the type of information they want from vendors, when they want it, and how they like to have it communicated to them. We also understand the needs of vendors and channel partners, and are skilled at developing analyst communication programs which provide beneficial results for both parties.

Intelligen’s analyst relations services include:

Analyst Relations Strategy & Program Development

With experience developing strategies for ICT vendors large and small in a range of technology segments, Intelligen is well-equipped to help any vendor develop strategies, programs and processes to effectively engage with the most influential and important analysts in their target markets.

Analyst Targeting & Tiering

Understanding who the most influential and important analysts are in any technology, geographic or vertical market is the cornerstone of any successful AR program. Intelligen’s database of regional & country analysts is constantly updated to provide the starting point for customised targeting projects, in which key analysts are ranked according to a range of criteria.

Analyst Relations Outreach

Using our extensive knowledge of the Asia/Pacific analyst community and their specific information needs, Intelligen works with clients to develop the most appropriate and practical outreach processes for a range of situations and objectives, ranging from one-on-one briefings to multi-day regional analyst summits


Intelligen’s benchmark study of AR effectiveness, Understanding the Influencers, compares the performance of more than 60 ICT vendors & service providers in seven market segments in Asia/Pacific on a range of AR attributes, and has become the industry-standard measure in the region. As well as this annual review, Intelligen can assist clients with a range of measurement processes, including perceptions analysis,  briefing feedback & assessment, and awareness audits.


Understanding how to effectively engage with industry analysts can often mean the difference between success and failure. Intelligen is accredited to deliver KCG’s Working With The Analysts one-day AR practitioner training, tailored for the Asia/Pacific region, and interactor training which can be customised to meet the needs of individual clients.

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